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Basic brew

  • Plastic 25l fermenter you can keep (or give back for recycling)
  • All equipment you will need delivered to your door
  • All ingredients for the beer style of your choosing
  • Sanitiser & single use gloves
  • Detailed step by step instructions manual
  • A link to our live group brewing video session where you learn all about the brewing process
  • Lots of little sachets with malts that were not included in your recipe that you can munch on and taste
  • You get your own bottles
  • All from Basic brew
  • A professional, premium stainless steel fermenter which we'll come pickup once your beer is done.
  • All bottles, priming sugar, bottle caps included
  • Equipment to bottle included and will be picked up with the fermenter


  • All from VIP
  • Double the ingredients to brew around 70 pints.

Don't forget to let us know what beer styles you'd like to brew in the notes of the checkout section! 

Brew at your own home with our equipment. You receive everything you will need to brew the best beer ever ... your own!

We come to you on the day and bring an all-in-one brewery kettle, a fermenter and all the ingredients for the beer of your choosing!*

This service is all inclusive and hassle free which means we even take care of cleaning and the waste product when you're done.

On the brew day you will connect to our online conference call for which you don't need anything else but your laptop or a smartphone. For smartphone users we even provide a tripod with a mount so you don't have to worry about it during the session.

We provide you with a 10m long clean water hose with a standard quick disconnect garden connector and an electric extension cord of the same length.

The brewing system has the same power as most electric kettles (3KW or 3000W) so as long as that works, you should be fine.

We suggest you pick a nice spot outdoors, decking or patio is ideal, with a place to drain hot clean water which will be generated during the cooling phase. During the brewing process you will be generating a lot (a lot, lot) steam so if you considering to brew indoors, please do it at your own discretion.

* We only deliver to Stirling + 10 mile radius. Please get in touch before you purchase if you'd like to join us from a location further away, you just might be on the way ... or something :)