Your friendly neighbourhood homebrewery


Would you like to give a very special gift this Christmas? Is it your dad's birthday? Aniversary?

Whatever the occasion, we got you covered with our beautifully crafted vouchers.

Brew at home

We bring all the equipment you need to your door on the day of the booking. You connect to our video conference and one of our brewers will guide you through the experience.

Big time brewing

Join us in our brewery in small village called California in central Scotland.

With picturesque views and a farm settings we are sure you gonna love the what we have to offer.

Are you local to us?

If you live close by to our brewery in California and are interested in our "at home" brewing session, get in touch and we can book you in even on a date we would be otherwise brewing elsewhere!

We love our new neighbours, so if you live in California, get in touch, we have a very special deal for you!

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Best beer I ever had ... was my own!

David Kocfelda

You’re like a Willy Wonka for adults!

Lovely neighbour